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Diary of a High-Class London Escort

As an escort, amassing new experiences is part of the job description. When I joined an agency for high-class London escorts, I believed that I was prepared, for all that was to come. Three months down the line, I was surprised by the frequency of new encounters on the way.

I signed up for an agency through a recruiting agent I met at my College. At the moment, I was in desperate need of cash to sustain me through College. I didn’t dare to tell my boyfriend, Geoffrey, about my new indulgences due to the fear of stigma. In the first three months, I tried my best to find an equilibrium between the two. I was soon to realize that I was in no position to deliver what my boyfriend wanted.

On the 14th, August 2015, I broke the ice when I let Geoffrey on my secret. He wasn’t willing to share me with another but quick to hook up with one of the ladies at College. I had no choice but to focus on my studies and new hustle after my lectures. I dreaded meeting Geoffrey at the campus with the flicker of hope that he wouldn’t tell on me to our colleagues.

I managed to keep my second life a secret from my family, roommates, and most of my classmates. Fortunately, most of my college mates couldn’t afford a session(s) with teen and milf models in my agency, except for the lecturers. I mastered the art of saving to improve my chances of survival on and off-campus.

In six months, I had won the hearts of clients in need of teen or milf escorts in London. I did threesomes and single sessions in posh residences, five-star hotels, and in-calls. My best memories involve exclusive dinner, coffee, lunch, and dates to executive events with residents of London, neighboring cities, and visitors to London.

I opened a savings account for the monthly payment and survived on tips from satisfied clients. During my final year at College, I met a young man in my work as an escort, and he loves me despite my job as a high-class escort. We plan to open a shop together in London over the next five years. Honestly, I can’t promise that our plans shall come to mature.

Initially, I joined the ranks of London escorts to make a better life for my family. My savings account has a sizeable amount of savings that may cushion us for several years. Currently, am considering the possibility of investing in different fields on my own. Sadly, I have grown fond of making love to different men, and I believe it shall haunt me for more days.

As I write this piece, I am uncertain of what will come in the next six months. Despite making relevant plans with my new guy, I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best if he gets a change of mind. All in all, I believe that the future holds a series of highly valuable experiences that I would love to share with aspiring escorts.

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